Robin Read

Robin ReadRobin Read has extensive experience both in the government and private sectors.  Ms. Read served at the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.  She has a strong public relations background through work in television, radio and print journalism.  Ms. Read has also owned and operated several businesses, as a real estate broker, general contractor, and founder of "Leyendo," a fully accredited K-12 special needs school. 

Ms. Read is a leader within numerous women's organizations in Washington, DC.  She was President of Charter 100 and she currently serves on the Advisory Boards for the Women's Information Network and for RightNOW, two organizations that provide critical mentorship and networking opportunities for young professional women.  Ms. Read has also served on Boards for the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) and Office Depot.  Ms. Read previously chaired Project Hope's 1996 Annual Ball.  Working with Geraldine Ferraro as co-Director of the International Political Institute for Women, she helped to produce extensive fundraising events to assist women worldwide. As founding Board Member of Our Hemisphere Achieving Together, Ms. Read spearheaded numerous diplomatic endeavors and trade missions throughout Latin America.  She also served on the Board of the Museum of the Americas for the Organization of American States (OAS).

Ms. Read previously served as President and CEO of the National Foundation for Women Legislators, the largest and oldest organization for elected women at all levels of governance from all 50 states and territories.  Founded in 1938, she brought the organization from a few members and no national office to an organization of over 2,000 elected women and nearly 1,000 corporations, associations and individual sponsors.  NFWL's annual conferences feature high level speakers, dignitaries and stars.  She established Women Lawmakers Network Day, Leadership and Campaign Colleges, International travel and work.  She served as spokesperson for women's leadership research nationwide and internationally.  Ms. Read also worked closely with Cabinet Members in the President's Administration and has helped with confirmations of Presidential nominees and other projects.

Ms. Read owns and manages a working farm and commercial property in Iowa as well as homes in New Mexico, Florida, and Washington, DC.  She is a graduate of the University of New Mexico and is married to Sam Brunelli, former Denver Bronco, with whom she is the proud parent of two daughters.