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Scholars Assisting NWHM

In 2011, NWHM convened three meetings with scholars from across the country for guidance on Phase I of the Museum’s interpretive plan for the physical building. The scholars were invited based on a wide-range of expertise in women’s history and their ethnic and geographical diversity. Meetings were conducted by Ralph Appelbaum Associates, a world-renowned museum program design firm, and held in Washington, DC, Raleigh, NC at Duke University and at the University of California at Irvine.


The following scholars participated in the meetings:

1. Professor Teresa Murphy (George Washington University)
2. Professor Jennifer Thigpen (Washington State University)
3. Professor Stephanie Cole (University of Texas - Arlington)
4. Professor Juliana Barr (University of Florida)
5. Professor Marjorie Spruill (University of South Carolina)
6. Professor Eileen Boris (University of California - Santa Barbara)
7. Professor Kathryn K. Sklar (SUNY-Binghamton)
8. Professor Jean Pfaelzer (University of Delaware)
9. Professor Laura Edwards (Duke University)
10. Professor Vicki Ruiz (University of California - Irvine)
11. Professor Sally McMillen (Davidson College)
12. Professor Susan Strasser (University of Delaware)
13. Professor Rebecca Plant (UC San Diego)
14. Professor Bonnie Morris (George Washington University)
15. Professor Stephanie Camp (University of Washington)
16. Professor Catherine Allgor (University of California - Riverside, Director of Education at the Huntington Library)
17. Professor Anne F. Scott (Duke University)
18. Professor Thavolia Glymph (Duke University)


NWHM has partnered with both the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the George Washington University to offer lectures on women's history. The following scholars have participated:
1. Dr. Marjorie Spruill (University of South Carolina): Women's Rights, Family Values, and the Polarization of American Politics – April 8, 2011
2. Dr. Vicki Ruiz (UC Irvine): Why Latino/a History Matters to US History – October 18, 2011
3. Dr. Thavolia Glymph (Duke University): African American Women Refugees in the Civil War – November 17, 2011
4. Dr. Linda Gordon (New York University): Dorothea Lange: Life, Politics, and Work – December 12, 2011
5. Dr. Deborah Willis (New York University): New Negro Women and Beyond: Posing Beauty in African American Culture – January 18, 2012
6. Professor Dolores Hayden (Yale University): Grand Domestic Revolution: Recovering the Forgotten History of Feminism and Housing Design – February 15, 2012
7. Dr. Kathleen Brown (University of Pennsylvania): What Do Sex and Laundry Have to Do With It? – March 14, 2012
8. Dr. Robin Lakoff (UC Berkeley): Language Makes History: Intersections of Language, Gender and Politics – April 12, 2012
9. Dr. Richard Kurin (Smithsonian Institute): MadCap May: Mistress of Myth, Men and Hope – September 19, 2012
10. Dr. Kathy Peiss (University of Pennsylvania): Woman-Made Women: American Designers, Taste, and Mid-Century Culture – November 7, 2012
11. Dr. Leisa Meyer (The Collage of William and Mary): A New Order: Change for Women in the U.S. Military – October 2, 2013
12. Dr. Pamela Laird (University of Colorado Denver): Making a Business of Change: American Women in Business – November 12, 2013
13. Dr. Bonnie Morris (The George Washington University): Game Changers: American Women & Sports – February 19, 2014
14. Professor Paula Giddings (Smith College): Standing Up For Change: Women & The Civil Rights Movement – March 26, 2014

The following historians have worked with NWHM to curate Online Exhibits:
1. Dr. Ida E. Jones, (Howard University): Claiming Their Citizenship: African American Women From 1624-2009
2. Daile Kaplan, (NYU, Swann Auction Galleries), author
3. Donna Henes, (Kaplan-Henes Photographs Collection), author and artist, Daring Dames
4. Dr. Alison Landsberg, (George Mason University), Women in Early Film
5. Edith P. Mayo, (Smithsonian American History Museum), Curator Emeritus, Votes for Women and Rights For Women: The Suffrage Movement and Its Leaders
6. Linda McCarthy (CIA Museum), Founding Curator, Clandestine Women: Spies in American History
7. Dr. Jean Pfaelzer, (University of Delaware): Chinese American Women: A History of Resilience and Resistance
8. Jeanne Schramm (Mobile Women’s History Museum), Collector, Librarian and Co-Founder
9. Bob Schramm (West Liberty State College), Professor of Physics & Archivist, Museum Curator, This Isn’t Right: Women Reform Leaders
10. Doris Weatherford, Historian and Author, Women With a Deadline: Female Printers, Publishers, and Journalists form the Colonial Period to World War I, First But Not the Last: Women Who Ran for President, Young and Brave: Girls Changing History, Women of Jamestown, Women Wielding Power: Pioneer Female State Legislators, and Leaving Their Stamp on History
11. Dr. Kristen Gwinn Becker, (HistoryIT), Independent Scholar and Founder: From Ideas to Independence: A Century of Entrepreneurial Women
12. Dr. Debra Michals, (Merrimack College), Independent Scholar and Instructor, From Ideas to Independence: A Century of Entrepreneurial Women and writing biographies
13. Dr. Bonnie Morris, (The George Washington University and Georgetown): Game Changers: American Women & Sports
14. Dr. Robyn Muncy, (The University of Maryland, College Park): A History of Women in Industry
15. Dr. Allison Lange, (Wentworth Institute of Technology), Crusade for the Vote: Suffrage Resource Center.
16. Dr. Amy Schneidhorst, Visiting Professor, Women in Peace and Conflict

In March 2013, NWHM worked with several scholars to present programs to celebrate the Suffrage Centennial:
1. The Press’s Impact on the Suffrage Movement panel discussion at the National Press Club in Washington, DC with Dr. J.D. Zahniser (independent scholar) and Dr. Rosalyn Terborg-Penn (Morgan State University).
2. Three Generations Fighting for the Vote panel discussion at the Lisner Auditorium (GWU) in Washington, DC on the history of Suffrage with Dr. Kristen Gwinn Becker (independent scholar), Dr. Erin Chapman (GWU) and Dr. J.D. Zahniser (independent scholar).
3. First Ladies: Hidden in Plain Sight event at the Arts Club in Washington, DC. Journalist Cokie Roberts interviewed Dr. Catherine Allgor (University of California-Riverside) on her recent book about Dolley Madison.
4. Dr. Debra Michals (independent scholar) spoke to the WINS (Women's Initiative for Networking and Success) group at The McGraw-Hill Companies in New York City on the topic of "Women Entrepreneurs."

NWHM Partners with Google Connected Classroom:
1. Dr. Bonnie Morris (The George Washington University and Georgetown) and Nancy Hogshead-Makar, JD: Game Changers: Women & Sports – March 31, 2014.


NWHM Partners with Google Art Talks
1. Dr. Linda Eisenmann (Wheaton College), Women and STEM Education Google Talk, June10, 2015.
2. Mimi Lufkin, Ed.D (Wheaton College), Provost, Professor of Education and History, Women and STEM Education Google Talk, June 10, 2015.
3 Wendy Hancock (Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC)), Manager, Professional Development and Exhibition Services, Women and STEM Education Google Talk, June 10, 2015.
4. Dr. Allison Lange (Wentworth Institute of Technology), Crusade for the Vote Google Talk, Nov. 2, 2015.
5. Elisabeth McNamara (League of Women Voters) President, Crusade for the Vote Google Talk, Nov. 2, 2015.
6. Jessica Tava, board member, Sewall-Belmont House and Museum, Crusade for the Vote Google Talk, Nov. 2, 2015.


Scholars Assisting NWHM with A Different Point of View(Quarterly Newsletter):
1. Dr. Catherine Allgor (University of California-Riverside)
2. Dr. Marjorie Spruill (University of South Carolina)
3. Dr. Bonnie Morris (The George Washington University and Georgetown)
4. Dr. Barbara Ganson (Director of Caribbean and Latin American Studies, Florida Atlantic University)
5. Dr. Despina Stratigakos (Professor of Architectural History, University at Buffalo) 6. Karen J. Blair (Central Washington University), Professor Emerita
7. Suzanne Gould (American Association of University Women), Archivist and Records Manager