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6/8/1998: National Women’s History Museum Testifies At Hearing of Dollar Coin Advisory Committee

June 8th, 1998
Washington, DC, June 8, 1998 — Karen Staser, founder and president of the National Museum of Women’s History (NWHM), appeared at the Congressional hearing of the Dollar Coin Advisory Committee on June 8, 1998. Ms. Staser testified in support of a new dollar coin featuring Susan B. Anthony and Harriet Tubman.At the hearing Ms. Staser, an expert on women’s history, said, “Susan B. Anthony and Harriet Tubman are examples of powerful women who dedicated their lives to ensuring freedom and rights for all of our citizens. Our nation is more inclusive and made stronger by these women’s contributions.” Ms. Staser added, “With both images of equal size, either side by side or face to face in profile, the new coin will reflect our nation’s diversity and move us towards a full recognition of women’s profound contribution to our country – past, present, and future.”

Susan B. Anthony’s lifelong fight for the women’s vote is well known. Harriet Tubman, an African American and former slave, led more than 300 slaves to freedom via the underground railroad. At great personal risk, she dedicated her life to fighting for abolition and women’s rights.

According to Ms. Staser, “NWHM supports the continuation of Anthony’s image on the dollar coin. We feel strongly that it would enrich our cultural heritage by also including Tubman, an African American female leader. In addition, this would reinforce the goals of President Clinton’s Initiative on Race.”

The National Museum of Women’s History celebrates and chronicles women’s contributions to civilization, from ancient times to present day. With traditional historic texts and public spaces addressing only a fraction of women’s accomplishments, NWHM collects and preserves documents and memorabilia for the purpose of sharing the achievements of women through the Museum’s Web site, traveling exhibits and soon-to-be announced permanent site in Washington, DC.

June 1998: National Women’s History Museum Works in Association with Forbes and American Heritage

June 1st, 1998
Washington, DC, June 1998–The National Museum of Women’s History (NWHM) is pleased to be working in association with FORBES and AMERICAN HERITAGE magazines to produce a special advertising section entitled “Enterprising Women: A Tribute to Women Achievers.” This special section will appear in the December 28, 1998 issue of FORBES and the February/March issue of AMERICAN HERITAGE. With the rising number of women executives, we anticipate that these issues will be met with great enthusiasm.Women have a rich history in the business arena – much of which is unknown to the general public. In keeping with the NWHM mission, this special ad section offers your organization a unique opportunity to celebrate and recognize women’s successes in business while reaching two key audiences – the readers of FORBES and AMERICAN HERITAGE – with your marketing message.

Honoring outstanding women in business is good business. As Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence, noted in FORBES ASAP, “Women are the next great business opportunity … women are where the bucks are.” Supporting women is essential for all companies that want to profit from their tremendous purchasing power.

NWHM is happy to present “Enterprising Women” as a tribute to the important relationship between business and women in our society. This special advertising section will profile NWHM, describe some outstanding women in business and discuss the impact of our past on the future. There will also be an opportunity for readers to join NWHM and support its programs.

To further support NWHM, FORBES will donate a portion of the section’s revenue to the Museum. Your participation enables a generous contribution; more important, it is a special opportunity for you to show your company’s commitment to recognizing outstanding women. We invite you to help us bring the NWHM message to FORBES’ readership of powerful and influential readers and look forward to your advertising support of this important project.