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Congressional Action for Museums

April 19th, 2008

Congressional Actions Related To The Creation Of Museums In The Washington, Dc Area

P.L. 95-596 – Joint resolution to initiate preliminary studies for the restoration and renovation of the Pension Building in Washington, DC, to house a Museum of the Building Arts, and for other purposes  (November 4, 1978).

P.L. 96-515 – Title III of the National Historic Preservation Act-To authorize and direct the Secretary of Interior and the Administrator of the General Services Administration enter into a cooperative agreement with the Committee for a National Museum of the Building Arts, Inc. for the operation of a National Museum for the Building Arts in a Federal Building located in the block bounded by Fourth Street, Fifth Street, F. Street and G street (the Pension Building)
( December 12, 1980). Read the rest of this entry »

Weatherford – Prehistory

April 19th, 2008

Anthropology and archeology are modern fields that included female professionals from the beginning – and yet they have been puzzlingly slow to think imaginatively about women.

Soon after the “new” history of the 1970s began to include women and minorities, I expected revisionist books on prehistory.  “Who,” I had asked myself for years, “was likely to have molded clay into containers for cooking and carrying?  Were men or women more apt to peruse the prairie for plants that might prove healthful?  Bottom line, was it the gatherer (female) or the hunter (male) who settled down in one place and began what we call civilization?” Read the rest of this entry »