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An Exceprt from Scholar & Author Sally McMillen’s Letter to NWHM President, Joan Wages

May 27th, 2011

“What a treat it was to be there among such a stimulating group of women to discuss ideas for the future National Women’s History Museum.You remind me of the nineteenth-century suffragists I have written about who pursued a dream and never gave up, though I certainly hope this dream will not take 72 years to accomplish as it did theirs.

I also was interested to hear more details about the famous suffrage statue that is back in the rotunda. I knew about it, and am probably going to use it as the opening of my biography on Lucy Stone. It is a tragedy that she was not included in the statue since she was every bit as involved in the fight for woman suffrage as those three. I tried to do her justice in my book and also decided what she needs is what I hope will be a good biography well grounded in history. Her absence from the statue is a reminder to how history gets written, who writes it, and how divisiveness and personal issues can interfere with an accurate view of history. I feel honored to be included in this project.”

      -Sally McMillen, scholar/author, Lucy Stone biography Letter to Joan Wages, President, National Women’s History Museum May 20, 2011

Women’s History Museum is Inspiring

May 25th, 2011

“Women’s History Museum could be Inspiring”

The Marietta Times- May 20, 2011–could-be-inspiring.html

We support efforts to develop a national Women’s History Museum and join others in asking Congress to move forward with the idea.

This week, State Rep. Debbie Phillips outlined details of the plan in a letter she submitted to this newspaper. In her letter, Phillips said the goal of the Women’s History Museum is to make the contribution of women in our country more visible, more mainstream. She points out contributions of women can be found everywhere, yet women’s accomplishments are not prevalent in our nation’s history books or national monuments and parks.

The current proposal calls for a women’s museum adjacent to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Phillips also reports no federal money would be sought in the building of this museum. While there is a National Women’s Hall of Fame located in New York, a museum in our nation’s capital is ideal.

Too often, the contributions of minorities in general have been often overlooked in our nation’s history, and women are no exception. We think it’s appropriate to recognize women’s achievements in this way in the hopes that it will then make women’s role in history more prominent and well known by all. It’s our hope that the achievements of the past will inspire the women of the future.

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Letter to the Editor: Support the Women’s History Museum Act

May 25th, 2011

Support the Women’s History Museum Act

May 19, 2011
The Marietta Times

May is the month for Mother’s Day, an appropriate time to continue to recognize and commemorate our mothers and grandmothers. It is also the appropriate month to honor our nation’s foremothers by urging Congress to pass the National Women’s History Museum Act.

The women who helped to build this country – who tended to the families while men were away at war, who built businesses to sustain themselves and their families, and who were innovators in their field – have been left out of our national story. Only 1 in 10 figures in today’s history textbooks is a woman, few statues are in our national parks and less than a dozen of the 214 statues in our nation’s Capitol Building portray woman leaders. Yet, women have impacted every aspect of our lives whether it is education, art, medicine, journalism, politics, or technology.

The National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) will change this by bringing women’s history into the mainstream. Legislation is pending in Congress (H.R. 1269 and S. 680) that would provide NWHM a home adjacent to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. And to top it off, not one dime of federal money is being requested!

I join my colleagues from across the nation through the National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL), in urging Speaker John Boehner to honor the women of this country by bringing H.R. 1269 to the floor for a vote, as soon as possible.

Debbie Phillips, state representative

Ohio House District 92

South Carolina General Assembly Resolution to Support NWHM Adopted May 5

May 5th, 2011

South Carolina General Assembly

119th Session, 2011-2012

H. 4183

House Resolution

Sponsors: Reps. Brady, Parks, Thayer, Dillard, Butler Garrick, Erickson, Long, Allison, Neilson, Cobb‑Hunter, Henderson, Horne, Munnerlyn and Nanney

Introduced in the House on May 5, 2011

Adopted by the House on May 5, 2011



Latino museum recommended for Mall (The Examiner, 5/5/2011)

May 5th, 2011

Latino museum recommended for Mall (The Examiner, 5/5/2011)

By: Liz Farmer 05/05/11 8:05 PM

A federal commission is asking Congress to establish a new museum next to the Capitol dedicated to Latino American history and culture.

The report, released Thursday and endorsed by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, calls for Congress to create a museum that would commemorate the fastest-growing population in the country and serve as “a gateway to the National Mall.” It calls for a 50-50 split between private fundraising and federal dollars to raise $600 million over 10 years to plan and build the museum. It also stipulates that no federal funding would be needed for the first six years. Read the rest of this entry »