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A Tribute to First Lady Betty Ford

July 12th, 2011

 A Tribute to First Lady Betty Ford  

 By: Joan Wages, NWHM President & CEO  

Betty Ford, 1974

First Lady Betty Ford was both a controversial pioneer, a crusader for women’s rights, and one of the most respected and beloved women in America. 

Like the suffragists, she empowered generations and changed the lives of thousands. It is women like her who have shaped our nation. 

Soon after her husband was inaugurated, the first lady held her first press conference, immediately addressing the Equal Rights Amendment. In 1975, Ford spoke at the International Women’s Year meeting where she made what was called “the most progressive [speech] made by any president’s wife since Eleanor Roosevelt,” she encouraged all women to work for passage of the ERA. To quote Mrs. Ford, “the search for human freedom can never be complete without freedom for women.”  Read the rest of this entry »

William Randolph Hearst Foundation Awards Major Grant to National Women’s History Museum to Support Scholarship and Program Development for Capital Campaign

July 12th, 2011

Washington, DC (July 12, 2011)

Joan Wages, President & CEO of the National Women’s History Museum, announced today that the Hearst Foundation has generously awarded the National Women’s History Museum a grant of $300,000 to support the Museum’s capital campaign scholarship, curatorial and program development initiatives. The grant provides funds to convene

a series of meetings with scholars and experts of women’s history who will collaborate and establish the curatorial and exhibition plans for the Museum. These essential activities are required to plan, design, and build a long overdue national museum dedicated to the history and accomplishments of America’s remarkable and resilient women. The grant was approved in the June 21, 2011 meeting of the Board of Directors of the William Randolph Hearst Foundation. Paul “Dino” Dinovitz, Executive Director of the Hearst Foundations, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with the National Women’s History Museum in establishing a permanent home. The leadership team is dedicated to ensuring that the prominent role women have played in forging our nation’s past, present, and future are appropriately studied and celebrated in the United States. We see the museum as having a unique relevance and impact amidst the myriad world-class cultural offerings in the Washington, D.C. area.”

Joan Wages, President & CEO of the National Women’s History Museum, stated: “This grant will enable us to take a major step forward in several key areas as we work to plan and establish a historical foundation for this Museum. A portion of the monies from this grant have already been used for the development of a new Scholarly Advisory Committee, which draws from the expertise of national scholars of women’s history.”