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Check out NWHM’s Cool New Progressive Era Interactive Game

January 30th, 2012

Check out NWHM’s first interactive, “Progressive Era Women.” The game allows users to select artifacts from five key areas of the Progressive Era – Temperance, Settlement Houses, Worker’s Rights, Suffrage and Civil Rights – and connect them to complete the story of women’s involvement in the Progressive Era. The interactive corresponds with NWHM’s Online Exhibit “Reforming Their World: Women in the Progressive Era.”

Click here to play the game:

“Iowa one of Four States that has Never Elected a Woman to the U.S. Senate”

January 4th, 2012

January 4, 2012–According to an article appearing in the Washington Post, the state of Iowa is one of only four states that has never sent a woman to the U.S. Senate or House. The other states are Delaware, Mississippi and Vermont. But Iowa and Mississippi are unique–whereas Delaware and Vermont have elected female governors, Iowa and Mississippi have not.

In the case of Iowa, the state’s aversion to electing females in higher offices is not due to lack of options. Roxanne Conlin, Bonnie Campbell, Ann Hutchinson and Joy Corning have all campaigned unsuccessfully for higher office in Iowa.