An Exceprt from Scholar & Author Sally McMillen’s Letter to NWHM President, Joan Wages

“What a treat it was to be there among such a stimulating group of women to discuss ideas for the future National Women’s History Museum.You remind me of the nineteenth-century suffragists I have written about who pursued a dream and never gave up, though I certainly hope this dream will not take 72 years to accomplish as it did theirs.

I also was interested to hear more details about the famous suffrage statue that is back in the rotunda. I knew about it, and am probably going to use it as the opening of my biography on Lucy Stone. It is a tragedy that she was not included in the statue since she was every bit as involved in the fight for woman suffrage as those three. I tried to do her justice in my book and also decided what she needs is what I hope will be a good biography well grounded in history. Her absence from the statue is a reminder to how history gets written, who writes it, and how divisiveness and personal issues can interfere with an accurate view of history. I feel honored to be included in this project.”

      -Sally McMillen, scholar/author, Lucy Stone biography Letter to Joan Wages, President, National Women’s History Museum May 20, 2011

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