Ann E. Ewing, Journalist who wrote about ‘black holes’ dies at 89

Journalist Ann E. Ewing, who was widely believed to be the first journalist to report on ‘black holes,’  died on July 24 at Washington Home & Community Hospices of pneumonia after complications with a stroke. She was 89 years old.

As a journalist, Ewing’s writings focused on science and from the late 19490′s through the 1960′s she contributed to Science News, a publication of the Society for Science and the Public.  She covered a wide range of scientific topics including astronomy, physics and medicine. After her time at Science News she freelanced, writing for medical trade newspapers.

Although physicist John Wheeler is widely credited as coining the term ‘black hole,’ Ms. Ewing has been recorded as using the term as early as 1964 in her story “Black Holes in Space.”

Ms. Ewing was a graduate of Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin, where she received her degree in physics and chemistry in 1941. She also studied at the University of Chicago before entering the Navy in 1942, where she served as a Navy journalist during WWII until 1946.

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