Archived News 1997 – 1998

November 14, 1998

Scholars and Museum Professionals Chart the Development and Program Design of a National Museum Dedicated to the History of Women in America

September 28, 1998

The Launch of the NWHM CyberMuseum

NWHM Educates America with the Launch of its Historical CyberMuseum:

First Annual “Women Making History” Awards

June 8, 1998:

National Museum of Women’s History Testifies at Hearing of Dollar Coin Advisory Committee

June, 1998

National Museum of Women’s History Works in Association with Forbes and American Heritage to Produce Special Advertising Section

The National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) announced in November 2003 that twenty-three national organizations have joined forces to support the mission of the Museum and work with its leaders to acquire a site for a permanent Museum near the National Mall in Washington, DC. The NWHM National Coalition members, comprised of leading women’s service and professional organizations, represent constituencies reaching over 8 million members.

NWHM National President Susan B. Jollie hailed the creation and support of the Coalition.

“Historically, women’s organizations have banded together to effect change and progress at all levels of American life. We are privileged to have these outstanding national organizations join with us in assuring that a permanent National Women’s History Museum in Washington DC is an accomplished fact. It is our collective obligation that the achievements and contributions of women to American history form a continuing legacy for future generations of men and women alike.”

Click here to view the press release on the National Coalition.

June 26, 1997

Finally!!! Woman Suffrage Statue Honored in U.S. Capitol Rotunda

NWHM Honorary Board of Directors now includes 100% of the women members of the U.S. Congress

The NWHM Honorary Board of Directors now includes ALL women members serving in the U.S. Congress. The NWHM Board extends its thanks to the bi-partisan House of Representatives Women’s Caucus for helping bring the Board to its full female complement. Heeding Abigail Adams advice “not to forget the women,” the NWHM has not forgotten the men. The Museum has been privileged to have strong support from a distinguished number of male U.S. Congress members since its founding in 1996. The Honorary Board now numbers over 160 members of Congress and is growing at a rapid pace. If your Congressperson or Senator is not on the list, please ask them to join!

New Features in Membership – Online Sign-up and New Database System

The NWHM is always seeking new ways to improve its membership services. Two new features that will benefit our members are an online sign-up for membership and to make additional donations at any time. Check this out this new feature in the Join Us section of our Web site.

The NWHM has also recently installed an in-house membership database system for better quality control and improved service to our members. We are still working to update and correct any member information, so please be patient.

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