Are you a Daring Dame?

The National Women’s History Museum is pleased to announce the launch of its latest Online Exhibit, “Daring Dames: A Photographic Exhibit.” The rare and inspiring photographs in this exhibit depict women, in many eras, who have demonstrated curiosity about the larger world and remarkable resourcefulness in their ability to navigate in it. These adventurous women have, through their daring, transformed the notion of female identity and the popular perception of acceptable female roles. They have broken through the limitations of social convention to explore and conquer new realms—geographic, physical, mental, and metaphoric.

Donna Henes and Daile Kaplan, co-curators of “Daring Dames” stated, “The exhibition celebrates the spirit of adventure and indefatigable determination of these daring dames to manifest their wildest American dreams. These pioneering women are an inspiration to all of us.”

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