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#FoodieFriday: A 1950s Housewife’s Guide to Grocery Shopping

November 15th, 2013

This week’s #FoodieFriday takes us back to the 1950s and more specifically to an educational video that instructs women on how to shop for their families. This type of video would probably have been shown in a home economics class. Do you remember watching videos like these when you were growing up?

#FoodieFriday: Fast-Food Chain Invents ‘Burger Mask’ For Women?

November 8th, 2013

Read the original MSN article here.

8/11/2013 8:30:00 AM
The new Liberation wrapper (Freshness Burger / fbkorea)
The new Liberation wrapper (Freshness Burger / fbkorea)

A fast food restaurant chain has created a new face mask for Japanese women to use when eating one of their burgers to avoid a cultural faux pas.

In Japan, it is regarded as attractive to have what’s known as “ochobo’ – a small and modest mouth – and doing the opposite, such as eating a large meal, is frowned upon as rude and ugly.

So much so that one Japanese fast food chain, Freshness Burger, found their sales were plummeting because female customers did not want to be seen with their open mouths in public.

Freshness Burger, however, has create a simple solution called The Liberation Wrapper and sales have gone through the roof.

This wrapper is a paper napkin which holds the burger and covers the mouth with a picture of a polite smile.

But behind the napkin, the female customer can happily eat their burger without committing a social sin.

Dentsu East Japan, the company hired to come up with The Liberation Wrapper told the The Daily Mail “Their (Freshness Burger) largest and best-tasting Classic Burger was amongst the least chosen by their female customers.

“One of the major reasons seems to relate to Japanese manner…. It is good manner to cover their mouth when they have to largely open up their mouth [to eat].

“Our female customers had a frustration of not being able to do it.

“Freshness Burger decided to challenge convention, freeing women from the spell of Ochobo mouth.”

The company said sales have soared 213 per cent in just one month since introducing it.

#FoodieFriday: What would you do for a modern dream kitchen?

November 1st, 2013

by Elissa Blattman, Project Assistant

In an earlier Foodie Friday post, we explained how 20th Century kitchen appliances and food creations made women’s lives easier.  Take a look at this 1955 video entitled, “A Word to the Wives.”  In it, two women conceive of a plan to trick one of their husbands into getting a new modern kitchen.  What would you do to get the latest modern conveniences?


  • Jane is at her new neighbors’ house.  The neighbor is ecstatic over her wonderfully modern kitchen.  Jane is depressed.
    The neighbor tells Jane she should buy a new hat to make herself happier.
  • Jane tells the neighbor she cannot go shopping because she does not have a “dream kitchen” and, therefore, does not have time for pleasure.  She says she asked her husband, George, multiple times to move to a more modern house but George did not consider it seriously.
  • Neighbor says she needs “freedom from the unnecessary drudgery” of cooking and cleaning in an outdated kitchen.  She suggests that when Jane goes away for the weekend to visit her mother, she leaves work for George to do himself (i.e. not planning out meals ahead of time for her family).  If George has to do the housework himself, he might indeed get Jane the modern conveniences she has been wanting.
  • Jane agrees.
  • George makes a mess of the stove when trying to cook rice, has no ice cubes for his lemonade, spills garbage all over the floor, has no hot water to do the dishes, and cannot even open his own kitchen cabinet.  He gets very frustrated, and ends up yelling at their son and banging on things.
  • Jane and George go to neighbor’s house for a dinner party.  Neighbor explains to George how helpful having the latest kitchen is and tells him she even had time to play golf before getting everything ready for the party.
  • George discusses getting his own modern kitchen with the salesperson who got the neighbors their kitchen (he is also a guest at the dinner party).
  • Jane and George move into their own new “dream house.”
  • Plot is successful!

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#FoodieFriday: An Autumn Recipe from Betty Crocker

October 25th, 2013

As an homage to beloved American icon Betty Crocker and the arrival of autumn, this week’s #FoodieFriday features a delicious seasonal dessert recipe developed by Betty herself:

Cinnamon Streusel-Topped Pumpkin Bread

#FoodieFriday: Women’s Role in Breaking the Cycle of Food Insecurity

October 18th, 2013

In this week’s #FoodieFriday, we look at a video highlighting the wonderful work that Women for Women International is doing to empower women and their communities. Did you know that women play a vital role in breaking the cycle of food insecurity? Find out how in this poignant video:

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#FoodieFriday: Cooking with Alice Waters

October 4th, 2013

This week’s #FoodieFriday gives us a front row seat for a cooking lesson with famed chef and owner of Chez Panisse, Alice Waters. Bon Apetite!

#FoodieFriday: A Cooking Lesson with Julia Child

September 27th, 2013

In this week’s #FoodieFriday we’re paying homage to America’s beloved chef, Julia Child, with a lesson on how to cook the french classic Boeuf Bourguignon:

Bon Apetite! Stay tuned for next weeks #FoodieFriday

#FoodieFriday: A Day in the Life of a Kitchen

September 13th, 2013

By: Sydnee C. Winston, Project Coordinator

In this week’s #FoodieFriday, we continue our focus on “educational documentaries” from the 1940s-1960s. In Day in the Life of a Kitchen, Frigidaire shows how its products can improve the life of a homemaker and make her more equipped to care for her husband and family.

In Let’s Make a Sandwich, homemakers are advised on how to make a sandwich into a “festive affair:”

In Cooking Terms and What They Mean, a homemaker learns important cooking terminology found in recipes so she can take better care of her husband:

#FoodieFriday: The Fast Food Strikes

September 6th, 2013

What is being called the largest fast-food industry strike in history, happened last Thursday. Thousands of workers in 60 cities across the nation walked off their jobs to demand better wages and to increase the current minimum wage from $7.25/hour to $15/hour. A large portion of the strikers were women. One of these women was Veronica Clark of Detroit, Michigan. Veronica is a mother of three children and the sole breadwinner for her family. She works at McDonald’s and makes $7.40 an hour. For the last six years, Veronica has been looking for other employment but hasn’t been successful in finding anything. According to The Guardian, “she is paid less per hour in real terms than the lowest paid US workers were half a century ago, when, on 28 August 1963, hundreds of thousands of citizens flooded into Washington for the historic march for freedom and jobs for black Americans.”

The average fast food worker is 28 years old. Two thirds of the industry’s workforce is comprised of women; their average age is 32, and they are mostly women of color. The majority are supporting children and families on $7.50 minimum wage, no benefits, and few hours. According to, “the implications of this movement are large. Whether or not workers are able to raise the minimum wage to $15 is one thing, but the fact that there is now an unparalleled amount of action in the industry means that something is bound to happen in the near future. Dorian T. Warren, a professor from Columbia University,says, “Many are earning so little they have nothing to lose.” Fast-food workers will continue to fight until they see some change.”

#FoodieFriday: Women & The Grocery Store

August 30th, 2013

By: Sydnee C. Winston, Project Coordinator

According to a recent study commissioned by the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) and GfK Custom Research North America, women still dominate grocery shopping. Despite significant increases in women’s professional and personal advancement in recent decades, the time they spend grocery shopping has not decreased. According to the report, “two-thirds of women still handle most of the grocery shopping–with three-quarters of those women forming shopping lists, and 53 percent taking time to clip coupons and research sales. Six in 10 of the women surveyed spend more than an hour shopping in the supermarket.”

According to the same study, women are also the “rulers of the kitchen.” “84 percent of women are the sole preparers of meals in the household, with 61 percent of women stating that they prepare meals at least five times per week. Moreover, the majority of these meals are not prepackaged, as 64 percent said they make most meals using fresh ingredients.”

How about you? Are you the primary grocery shopper for your family? Do you find that the results of this study rings true in your day-to-day life?  Tell us about your experience!

…And just because it’s Friday and we love interesting tidbits, we thought we’d share a fascinating video about supermarket psychology with you:

Click here to see the source and to read more about the study. Don’t forget to check back for next week’s #FoodieFriday.