#FoodieFriday: Fast-Food Chain Invents ‘Burger Mask’ For Women?

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8/11/2013 8:30:00 AM
The new Liberation wrapper (Freshness Burger / fbkorea)
The new Liberation wrapper (Freshness Burger / fbkorea)

A fast food restaurant chain has created a new face mask for Japanese women to use when eating one of their burgers to avoid a cultural faux pas.

In Japan, it is regarded as attractive to have what’s known as “ochobo’ – a small and modest mouth – and doing the opposite, such as eating a large meal, is frowned upon as rude and ugly.

So much so that one Japanese fast food chain, Freshness Burger, found their sales were plummeting because female customers did not want to be seen with their open mouths in public.

Freshness Burger, however, has create a simple solution called The Liberation Wrapper and sales have gone through the roof.

This wrapper is a paper napkin which holds the burger and covers the mouth with a picture of a polite smile.

But behind the napkin, the female customer can happily eat their burger without committing a social sin.

Dentsu East Japan, the company hired to come up with The Liberation Wrapper told the The Daily Mail “Their (Freshness Burger) largest and best-tasting Classic Burger was amongst the least chosen by their female customers.

“One of the major reasons seems to relate to Japanese manner…. It is good manner to cover their mouth when they have to largely open up their mouth [to eat].

“Our female customers had a frustration of not being able to do it.

“Freshness Burger decided to challenge convention, freeing women from the spell of Ochobo mouth.”

The company said sales have soared 213 per cent in just one month since introducing it.

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