#FoodieFriday: Women & The Grocery Store

By: Sydnee C. Winston, Project Coordinator

According to a recent study commissioned by the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) and GfK Custom Research North America, women still dominate grocery shopping. Despite significant increases in women’s professional and personal advancement in recent decades, the time they spend grocery shopping has not decreased. According to the report, “two-thirds of women still handle most of the grocery shopping–with three-quarters of those women forming shopping lists, and 53 percent taking time to clip coupons and research sales. Six in 10 of the women surveyed spend more than an hour shopping in the supermarket.”

According to the same study, women are also the “rulers of the kitchen.” “84 percent of women are the sole preparers of meals in the household, with 61 percent of women stating that they prepare meals at least five times per week. Moreover, the majority of these meals are not prepackaged, as 64 percent said they make most meals using fresh ingredients.”

How about you? Are you the primary grocery shopper for your family? Do you find that the results of this study rings true in your day-to-day life?  Tell us about your experience!

…And just because it’s Friday and we love interesting tidbits, we thought we’d share a fascinating video about supermarket psychology with you:

Click here to see the source and to read more about the study. Don’t forget to check back for next week’s #FoodieFriday.

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