Group Works to Shatter Glass Ceiling for Women in Politics

A group of activists and academics at Rutgers University are working vigorously to generate more female representation in politics. Although there were a number of high-profile female candidates in the political world this year, the presence of women in politics is still lagging compared to their presence in the rest of the workforce. According to the Washington Post, only 17 percent of members of Congress are women, and women make up just 24 percent of state lawmakers.

The Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University hopes to prepare a new generation of potential female candidates for the 2012 elections.  In the coming two years, project participants will recruit women from all sides of the political spectrum to run for office.

Director of the Center for American Women and Politics, Debbie Walsh said “Our hope is to get women who have made it in their fields, who have broken their own glass ceilings, who are at a point where they’re asking, ‘What’s next for me?’ ”

The group is expected to raise high dollars to support events at conferences of female engineers, health-care professionals and other fields.

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