Help Choose Our Next CyberExhibit!

Give us some feedback! What subjects would you like to see covered next on NWHM’s CyberMuseum?

Over the years we have received numerous suggestions for future exhibits. We have most recently been working on an exhibit on African American women and another on women in film and are considering women in religion and Spanish women (immigrating into Florida) – all at members’ suggestions. But we want to hear from you before determining what subject to cover next!

Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below. We will review all of the suggestions—however, we cannot guarantee that we will select them all.

We have several criteria we consider when developing a new CyberExhibit:

-Funds available to complete the project.
-Subject is approved by a NWHM committee.
-An intern is available to research and draft the exhibit.
-A suitable expert/advisor can be found who will oversee the project.

If you have ideas for subjects, you might also know an expert in the field. Let us know that as well.

2 Responses to “Help Choose Our Next CyberExhibit!”

  1. Erin Skinner says:

    What about women in sports? With so many record-setting victories by women in the 2008 Olympics, there should be a lot to choose from!

  2. Lisa says:

    I would like to see mother’s who rasied girls who made a difference in the history of women’s rights!

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