High school girls organizing Wilcox County, GA’s first racially integrated prom

Have you heard about this?

There is only one high school in Wilcox County, Georgia but toward the end of each school year, Wilcox County High School has two proms – one for white students and one for African American students. That’s right, Wilcox County High School’s proms, like proms in other rural towns across the south, are racially segregated. This has been the case in Wilcox County for four decades, since the school district desegregated. White parents and students did not want an integrated prom, so a school sponsored prom was cancelled and the tradition of a private, parent-hosted prom started. Since they are technically a private affair, segregated proms have been allowed to continue. The white parties are often viewed by students as the “official prom” and the African American parties are not. Homecoming is the same way.

This year, though, four girls – two African American, two white, and all friends since they were five years old – are changing that. They have planned Wilcox County’s first racially integrated prom, which will be held on April 27. Earlier this year, Quanesha Wallace, one of the two African American girls organizing the prom, was elected homecoming queen. A white student was elected homecoming king. Wallace was not allowed to attend the white homecoming dance, and she and the homecoming king are not pictured together in the school’s yearbook.

The Facebook page started to promote the prom and raise funds for it states, “we want to make a difference in our community.” We are hoping they have a successful prom and have started a new trend in Wilcox County toward equality!

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