Historical Women Who Rocked: Film Director Dorothy Arzner

What do Hollywood heavyweights Lucille Ball and Katharine Hepburn have in common? Both of their legendary film careers were made possible by Dorothy Arzner. Ever heard of her? Chances are you haven’t because she is one of many women in history whose incredible stories have been forgotten. In addition to being the first woman to direct in the Hollywood studio system, she was the only woman for her entire career which lasted for nearly 20 years! Her name is credited to more films than any other woman in Hollywood to date. Dorothy directed the first “talkie” for Paramount and invented the boom mic.

Although Dorothy’s amazing story has faded into historical obscurity, a new project is working to unearth it and share it with the world.  Sophisticated: The Untold Hollywood Story of Dorothy Arzner, “will tell the story of this great unsung heroine…Hollywood’s first female director, Dorothy Arzner.”

Wendy Haines is the film’s producer and  brings over 20 successful years in the Entertainment Industry coupled with an entrepreneurial background in business management. Along with her passion for collaboration, Wendy brings a visionary ability combined with practical business perspective, which makes for the combination of a winning producer. Ms. Haines’ goal is to inspire a collaborative effort to write this unsung heroine back into history.

To learn more about this important project please click here.

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