House Resources Committee Passes National Women’s History Museum Commission Act

Even More Great News!

We are delighted to report that The House Resources Committee passed HR 863, The National Women’s History Museum Commission Act, on unanimous consent on Wednesday, April 9. This was the second House committee to take up the bill and the second to pass the legislation unanimously. There were two technical amendments to the bill – one which removes the reference to the building site on the National Mall at Independence Avenue between 14th and 15th Streets. (This amendment does not however, prohibit the Commission from looking at that site or any other federally owned sites near the Mall.) The second amendment added “operations” (establishment and maintenance) to the list of reports that will be submitted by the Commission to Congress.

Next up is a vote on the House floor. Passage around Mother’s Day (May 11) would be a wonderful gift to all of our nation’s women. Please take a few minutes to encourage your representative to support this bill.

And our deepest gratitude to YOU for your continuing support!

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  1. Tara tetrault says:

    Students taking women’s studies repeatedly report how appreciative they are just to learn about the history of women or as they put it women like me. We need a national museum on women’s history in a central location on the mall for all the young girls who want to learn about their own past. Please pass the the bills necessary to make this happen.

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