In Celebration of African American History Month NWHM Unveils Newest Online Exhibit

The National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) is pleased to announce the launch of its newest Online Exhibit today entitled “Claiming Their Citizenship: African American Women From 1624-2009.” The exhibit seeks to present African American women collectively and exceptionally throughout American history. Starting with Isabel, the first known African American woman, in 1624 and climaxing with First Lady Michelle Obama in 2008, African American women have contributed to the warp and woof of American history, culture and character. Click here to view the exhibit.

The exhibit is part of NWHM’s observance of African American History Month and honors the historic contributions, achievements, struggles and captivating stories of African American women throughout their presence in America. The exhibit was written and curated by Dr. Ida E. Jones, of the Moorland Spingarn Research Center at Howard University.

Joan Wages, NWHM President & CEO, stated, “The extraordinary strength, courage and perseverance demonstrated by African American women from the time of their arrival in this country should inspire all Americans to greater heights. African American women’s history offers us insight into the breadth and depth of our nation’s history.”

Curator Ida Jones stated, “When I learned that the National Women’s History Museum was considering a virtual exhibit on African American women, I was excited. Currently, there is a plethora of information on the web about women in general and African American women in particular and some offer a synthesis of the gendered experience. The unique feature of the NWHM site on African American women is two-fold; there is a synthesis of exceptional people and events, with an abbreviated timeline and sample bibliography to encourage further study. The site lends credibility to the efforts American women have employed in the distant and recent past to portray the full dimensions of American womanhood.”

The release of “Claiming Their Citizenship: African American Women From 1624-2009,” marks NWHM’s eighteenth Online Exhibit.

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