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Seeing the wonderful new movie “Julie and Julia” about Julia Child, the famous cookbook author, and Julie Powell, blogger and author, and afterwards a preview of the upcoming movie “Amelia” about Amelia Earhart I began thinking about the biographical movies of women in history (and/or women’s history itself). My favorite women’s history movie is “Iron Jawed Angels” about the awful treatment meted on suffragettes Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, who led the final fight for the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.

Further I invite NWHM blog invite readers to add to this list. I’ll bet the list is longer than expected but far, far too short for the importance of women in history and reflective of the gender ratio of the movie going population.

And what was the affect of such movie or movies on your growing up and your life? One I personally remember affecting me was “Sister Kenny” (played by Rosalind Russell). Kenny discovered an effective treatment for polio, but couldn’t get official recognition or sanction for her techniques and theories for decades. That movie stuck with me for a very long time, as it demonstrated to me — quite young when I saw it — that women could achieve important milestones and make major contributions to the world. It also demonstrated the need for personal conviction and perseverance – 2 major factors in shaping me and my interests in women’s History.

BTW: Julie & Julia is excellent (w/ Meryl Streep (as Julia Child). Two women’s history bio pics in 2 months! I look forward to seeing many more.

Judith Kaplan
NWHM Board Member

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  1. “Iron Jawed Angels” is my favorite too! However, another great film is “Salt of the Earth” it’s the story of immigrants/first generation Americans and the Labor Movement. After all the men were jailed/fired for striking, the women- wives/mothers/neighbors/friends took up the cause.

    “Salt of the Earth” was the first movie in the US that was blacklisted…. a pretty good indicator of how it touched a nerve (from several perspectives, I would imagine!)

  2. Judith Kaplan says:

    Today I received notice of a French movie: “Seraphine” which is about Seraphine Selis, an unknown, itinerant unschooled woman artist whose works are now in many museums in France and elsewhere.

    Then I read about another upcomng movie about a woman in history: Hypatia Movie Due in December, 2009. It is a history/ ancient history actually, picture focusing on Alexandrian philosopher and astronomer Hypatia is scheduled to be released to theaters this December. Actress Rachel Weisz plays the role of Hypatia

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