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The National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) will hold a national contest for a new logo and branding designs for the Museum.  Contestants (graphic designers, artists, or students) are asked to submit their entries by November 15, 2007.  The winner will receive national recognition for her/his/their entry in NWHM publications and website.  Contestants may submit multiple entries.


NWHM seeks a logo that inspires interest and represents the mission of the Museum.  The winning entry will be used on stationery, the website, in brochures and in Power/Point presentations.

Contestants should review the Museum website at www.nwhm.org and recommend logo placement.

Entries should include:

  1. Colors – establish background colors, typographic headings and secondary design elements. The colors are to be identified by Pantone codes for printing purposes. For WWW purposes, the nearest equivalent web colors are to be listed.
  2. Typeface family – select the typeface family for use on all applications.
  3. Clear space – Define the clear space around the identifier.
  4. Preferred sizes and positioning – Establish the preferred sizes and position for publications, stationary and website.


A rendering of one of two statues could be incorporated into the logo:

  1. A female figure, the Statue of Freedom standing atop the Capitol Dome, has the highest perch in Washington, DC. Freedom is a classical female figure with an eagle and stars in her headdress. She holds a laurel wreath and shield in her left hand and a sheathed sword in her right. She represents the most cherished value of our nation – freedom. An image of this statue from the Library of Congress accompanies this contest announcement.
  2. The Portrait Monument of Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott – the founders of the woman suffrage movement – stands in the Capitol Rotunda.  This statue stood in the Capitol Crypt for 76 years before NWHM lobbied Congress and raised the money to get this statue moved into the Rotunda.  The statue was moved in 1997 when, for the first time, a statue of women stood permanently in the Rotunda.  An image of this statue from CNN accompanies this contest announcement.

Other images of these figures can be found on the U. S. Capitol website.


To be considered for award, all entries must include, as a minimum, the following information.

  1. Logo Samples – Provide as many as desired.  Each entry will be for stationary, and web site design (color rendering of opening page and URL are sufficient).
  2. Name, address and affiliation (company or school) and contact information including phone and email address.

All proposals must be received by noon on Thursday, November 15, 2007. Proposals should be sent to:

National Women’s History Museum
Atten:  Contest Evaluation Panel
205 S. Whiting Street, Ste. 254
Alexandria, VA  22304

Proposals must be submitted in a sealed, opaque envelope clearly marked:  NWHM Contest.


Proposals received after noon on November 15, 2007 may not be considered.

All costs and expenses incurred by the contestant in the preparation and submission of an entry shall be borne by the contestant.  In no event will NWHM reimburse any contestant for any such costs or expenses.

All proposals, including all elements therein, submitted as a result of this contest shall become the sole property of NWHM and shall not be returned. By making a submission, the contestant asserts that said submission is an original work of art and agrees the work submitted shall be deemed as a work for hire by the National Women’s History Museum.

All entries shall be firm, irrevocable, not subject to withdrawal. By submitting a proposal, each contestant agrees to this condition, as well as all of the other terms and conditions in this contest.

NWHM reserves the right to withdraw, modify or terminate this contest without cost or obligation to any contestant.  NWHM further reserves the right to accept or reject for any reason any or all entries; and, to waive any irregularities or informalities in the contest process.

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