Maine Sen. Collins’ Voting Streak Approaches 5,000

According to the Associated Press, Senator Susan Collins, Maine (R), who has been NWHM’s Senate Bill sponsor, has never missed a vote since taking office in January 1997. Her voting streak is quickly approaching 5,000. Collins’ commitment to being present for all voting sessions is so unwavering that she even scheduled her upcoming wedding for the August recess, just to be safe!

Senator Collins is one of only two sitting Senators to have a voter streak. Republican Chuck Grassley of Iowa has a record 6,444 consecutive votes dating back to 1993.

Collins’ credits her supporters in Maine saying, “It demonstrates to my constituents my unwavering commitment to my job. I also think the people of Maine have a great work ethic and that they relate to it. They’re very diligent about showing up for work and meeting their obligations. They’re happy that I feel the same way,” said Collins.

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  1. Sally Gore says:

    She represented me for a number of years when I lived in Maine. I may not have always agreed with her, but I supported her for this very reason, i.e. she is committed to her job.

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