Meryl Streep Interviewed on CBS’s 60 Minutes

Check out Meryl Streep’s interview on 60 Minutes for her portrayal as former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the film “The Iron Lady:”

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    Travelling in Tasmania [Australia]while this particular 60 Minutes aired, I felt privileged to see “The Iron Lady” with Aussies who had all once lived in England. They had much to say about Thacher. I cannot thank y’all enough for hosting the tv piece here so I could see it. I adore Meryl. She is a MENSCH of the first water; I feel sublimely honored that she is our spokesperson.

  2. Donna says:

    I liked hearing about this site on the Golden Globes when you accepted your award. Thank you for sending me here. I think of Rosalind Franklin who was really the first to conceive of the double helix, while Watson and Crick got credit for it alone. Rosalind died of cancer before the award was given to them but she was not even mentioned. I would like to know what other women have been forgotten who did not get proper credit for their contributions to society and the world. I was once going to write a book about it but never did. And I am so glad to see you are involved in making this happen. You have given voice to so many women in history. Thank you.

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