Mozart Had A Sister?

 It seems that 18th century musical prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was not the only one in his family who displayed a musical genius from an early age. His sister Maria Annaa Walburga Ignatia Mozart, better known as Nannerl, was a talented harpsicord virtuoso in her own right. Her musical legacy however, has been lost for the most part, having fallen victim to both her gender and the era in which she was born. Nannerl’s life and musical genius is the inspiration for French writer-director, Rene Feret’s newest biopic, “Mozart’s Sister.” The film, according to Feret, is 40 percent reality and 60 percent fiction.”  According to the Washington Post, Feret decided to focus on Nannerl’s family life as a way into her story, paying particular attention to her complicated relationship with her famously exacting father, Leopold, who first encouraged and later discouraged her musical progress.

The film opens Friday at Landmark’s E Street Cinema, the Shrilington 7 in Arlington and Cinema Arts in Fairfax. The film is 120 minutes and is unrated.

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