Museum Planning Process

The African American Museum to be located on the National Mall is two or three years ahead of NWHM in its museum planning process, so we follow them with great interest. They spent much of the last few years designing the program of their museum – what it will have in it and how the story will be told. A design selection committee was chosen consisting of architects, historians, exhibit designers and other experts in museum design. Recently, the six finalists of the architectural design teams were announced and their design models were placed on display in the Castle of Smithsonian. The drawings and models of each architectural team offered a great range. It’s amazing how different the designs can be when they were all given the same basic instructions as to the museum’s content. Each of these finalists was paid $50,000 for their design – a luxury that a Smithsonian Museum can afford. The Newseum, a non-Smithsonian Museum, chose the architect for their new site which opened last year on Pennsylvania Avenue by comparing the previous works of the competing architects. There are different ways to go about choosing an architect. NWHM is doing research on how others have done it.

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