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The National Women’s History Museum launched a nationwide Campaign on March 2, 2006, at the National Press Club to promote enactment of The National Women’s History Museum Act during this session of Congress. The NWHM’s 31 member National Coalition of over 8 million women (including the newest member Federally Employed Women) have joined NWHM in calling for women and men around the country to express their support of the passage of the National Women’s History Museum Act.


  • At the Press Briefing on March 2, 2006, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, representatives of seven leading women’s professional, educational and service organizations spoke of their support for the passage of S. 501.  These included, the National Education Association, American Association of University Women, Business and Professional Women/USA, National Association for Women Business Owners, National Foundation for Women Legislators, National Council of Negro Women and MANA, a National Latina Organization.

(From Left-Right): Erin Fuller, Executive Director, National Association of Women Business Owners

Deborah Frett, Chief Executive Officer, Business and Professional Women/USA

Susan Jollie, President, National Women’s History Museum

Robin Read, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Foundation of Women Legislators

Lisa Maatz, Director of Public Policy and Government Relations, American Association of University Women

Cheryl Cooper, Executive Director, National Council of Negro Women

Alma Morales Riojas, President and Chief Executive Officer, MANA – A National Latina Organization

  • Other Coalition representatives were out in full force including Older Women League, League of Women Voters, Women in Aerospace, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, American Society for Public Administration/SWPA, Women In Military Service for America, American College of Nurse Mid-Wives, Sewall-Belmont House and Museum and GFWC by statement. For pictures of this event, e-mail Holly Kearl at
  • NWHM Senior Vice President and Founding Member Joan Wages outlined the NWHM Site Campaign at the BPW/USA 2006 Policy and Action Conference in Washington, DC, and she provided BPW/USA members with letters regarding the NWHM legislation, which they handed out to members of Congress and their staff later in the day.
  • Susan Jollie, NWHM President, spoke before the National Association of Women Business Owners at the NAWBO 2006 Public Policy Days in Washington, DC, and she encouraged the participants to take action on their visits to Capitol Hill later in the day.  Feedback indicates that both BPW/USA and NAWBO were very effective in their support of the NWHM Site Campaign on the Hill.
  • Alma Morales Riojas appeared on Univision’s Good Morning America in support of the Museum and its Campaign.
  • Business and Professional Women/USA have launched a national “sign-in” on its Web site to assure that all members nationally send in letter to U.S. Congress.
  • Robin Read featured the National Women’s History Museum Campaign at its Call to Action Conference on March 8 in Washington, DC drawing representation of women legislators and joined by the National Association of County Officials.
  • The National Federation for Women Legislators created an Education & Training Policy Committee Resolution on the NWHM campaign (Click HERE to read it)
  • The National Education Association included NWHM in its March 2006 magazine in a section celebrating Women’s History Month.
  • The League of Women Voters sent information to its leaders throughout the country in its weekly President’s Letter as did The National Federation of Press Women’s national president in her monthly newsletter.
  • A growing number of organizations are providing information about NWHM’s Campaign and a link to NWHM homepage on their own Web sites.  Among those currently making information available to their members are: Federally Employed Women (, the National Association for Female Executives (, the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (, the National Association of Women Business Owners (, and the Susan B. Anthony House (, National Federation of Press Women (

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