NWHM Conducts Focus Groups at National History Day

NWHM conducted focus groups at National History Day on Sunday, June 10. The focus groups, which took place on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park, were intended to gather information regarding the public’s knowledge of women’s history, as well as their feedback about past museum-going experiences.

The three focus groups consisted of parents, teachers and students respectively and featured a wide distribution of people from various regions of the country. Each group offered very insightful ideas and recommendations that will be helpful to the Museum. The findings from the group sessions will be used to improve the Museum’s capacity to provide educational programs to the public and to create a better museum-going experience for everyone in the future.

NWHM is deeply grateful to all focus group participants and to facilitators Kathy Baczko, Cheryl Beversdorf and Joan Moser. The Museum thanks Kim Fortney and Cathy Gorn of National History Day, who played key roles in coordinating the sessions.

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