Seeking Your Comments on our Upcoming Exhibit!

NWHM wants your comments on our upcoming online exhibit, Women on the Web. Leave a response here, and your words may be featured on our site! The internet is a huge resource for anyone looking to make decisions about goods & services. We’d like your feedback to the questions listed below to help us develop some of the content for the exhibit!

1. Whether you’re looking at restaurant, theater, or product reviews, travel recommendation sites, professor ratings, doctors’ performances, or anything else, how does the web supply you with tools you wouldn’t otherwise have?

2. The internet has been changing the nature of work—and has the potential to do much more. Do you think that technology offers you more options when it comes to a career? Tell us why telecommuting is important to you; how you earn your income online; or what tools you use to give yourself more flexibility.

3. How has the internet changed the way you research health-related information? Does it allow you to access information or your doctor more easily?

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