Shift in Academic Gender Divide: More US Women earn Ph.D.s Than Men

According to the Washington Post, women for the first time in US History earned more doctoral degrees than their male counterparts last year. Of the doctoral degrees awarded in the 2008-09 academic year 28,962 were received by women and 28,469 by men.

In education doctorates given last year, women received 5,130 and mean 2,488. In health sciences women earned 4,851 and men 2,056. In behavioral science women earned 4,271 and men 2,894.

However, in math & computer sciences, engineering and physical science doctorates, women still lag behind men. In math & computer sciences women earned only 736 doctorates compared to 2,008 by men. Women earned 1,559 engineering degrees while men earned 5,814. And women earned 1,612 physical science doctorates compared to 3,210 by men.

Overall, women still earned more doctorates and the number of women in every area of Academia is continuing to rise.

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