Site Redesign ’07


NWHM is proud to announce the redesign of its Web site ( for Women’s History Month 2007.  With a new look and added content, the museum has raised its profile and is becoming a premier source of educational materials on women’s history.

A new American woman is highlighted each day on the Web site, including a biographical profile and photograph.  These profiles are taken from NWHM’s growing archive of biographies of notable women throughout the country’s history.  Women’s history events and exhibits from across the nation are also updated frequently with a sampling featured on the homepage.

The National Education Association, the nation’s largest professional education organization, has recommended NWHM to educators for use during Women’s History Month.  The NEA calls the NWHM Web site an “excellent resource,” citing such materials as elementary and high school lesson plans, women’s history quizzes, and quotes from notable women along with the biographies.  The museum’s Cyber Exhibits are another superb resource—nine separate exhibits provide quality material on topics including women’s education, women in the Olympics, woman suffrage, and women in World War II.

Another example of NWHM’s involvement in educational outreach was our recent presence at the Northern Virginia Council for Gifted and Talented Education Conference.  NWHM exhibited a display at the conference’s “Museum Mall” to educate area teachers on its resources.  Board Members Ann Stone and Joan Wages represented the museum, handing out printed materials and providing membership information.  The organizers and participants of the event were excited to have NWHM there, and they plan to invite museum representatives to speak to various gifted children’s classes.

Congratulations to NWHM and to the museum’s Webmistress, Ms. Holly Kearl, for providing such a comprehensive, well-designed, and useful resource to the public!

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