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#ThrowbackThursday: Disney Princess Edition

May 23rd, 2013

By Elissa Blattman, Project Assistant

Merida before (left) and Merida after (right)

Merida of the Disney-Pixar film, Brave, is the one Disney princess who many girls and their parents feel actually represents real girls.  She looks like a “real girl,” is strong, independent, athletic, able to save herself from situations, and sees no need for a Prince Charming to take her away.  When Merida was announced as the 11th and newest inductee into the Disney Princess Collection, many people were happy.  However, before her coronation ceremony at Disney World on May 11, Disney gave her a makeover, making many people upset.  Disney made her figure slimmer, her hair less frizzy, and her dress tighter and sparkly.  They also took away her signature bow and arrows.  After considerable outrage, though, Disney removed the new Merida from the princess section of their website in the United States and replaced her with the original.  However, the new image still appears on other countries’ Disney sites and on her official Princess Collection merchandise.  To many, Merida’s makeover is yet another example of Disney’s long history of upholding and promoting certain beauty standards and their problematic portrayals of gender roles.  Some of the characters we remember watching and liking when we were younger perhaps do not always provide the best role models for children to emulate.  Check out the examples below and see if you watch them differently now as adults. Read the rest of this entry »