Valentines for the National Women’s History Museum

by Cathy Pickles, NWHM staff member

February 14th is the day set aside for the celebration of romantic love in our country. I’d like to acknowledge the love the National Women’s History Museum has gotten from a number of state legislatures in the form of resolutions supporting our establishment. The latest such Valentine came from Virginia on February 7th. Similar motions were adopted recently in Rhode Island, Vermont and Michigan. This brings the total number of pending and passed resolutions supporting the Museum to 15, which also include:

• Alaska
• Colorado
• Delaware
• Hawaii
• Maryland
• Missouri
• North Carolina
• Nevada
• New York
• Oklahoma
• Pennsylvania

This is a fabulous start, but the Museum needs “the love” from all 50 states. That’s where you come in. Make Valentine’s Day 2012 “Nurture NWHM Day” by contacting your state legislative body and urging them to adopt a resolution in support of the National Women’s History Museum. Here is a link to State and Local Government on the Net, which has links to all 50 state legislatures and/or general assemblies: Click here.

This is the perfect thing to do on Cupid’s Day: it doesn’t matter if you have a significant other or not, it won’t cost you anything, you don’t have to take us out to dinner (unless you REALLY want to), and it won’t make you gain weight. I leave you with this Valentine poem:

Roses are red and full of love’s mystery,
Let’s tell your state reps
To support women’s history!

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