We Need Your Help!

Word of NWHM is traveling fast! Theresa Buczek’s 6th grade class at Winburn Middle School in Lexington, KY urges Congress to support our efforts. Click here to listen to their radio spot.

As you may know, Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) re-introduced our legislation, The National Women’s History Museum Act, as HR 1700 on March 25, 2009. This bipartisan bill will allow NWHM to purchase-at fair market value-land next to the National Mall and build the first major repository of women’s accomplishments and contributions in Washington, D.C. The Senate bill will be re-introduced by Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), once she has all the female senators signed on as cosponsors.

That’s why we need you to send a letter to your Representatives, urging them to cosponsor and pass HR 1700, The National Women’s History Museum Act!

If you live in Alaska, California, Minnesota, or Washington, please also send a special letter to your female senators asking them to cosponsor our bill so it can be re-introduced!

Please click here to send a letter to your Senators and Representative today. Members of Congress have the opportunity to recognize women’s successes, build on their accomplishments and empower future generations by passing The National Women’s History Museum Act, giving NWHM a permanent home.

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