Women’s History Museum is Inspiring

“Women’s History Museum could be Inspiring”

The Marietta Times- May 20, 2011

We support efforts to develop a national Women’s History Museum and join others in asking Congress to move forward with the idea.

This week, State Rep. Debbie Phillips outlined details of the plan in a letter she submitted to this newspaper. In her letter, Phillips said the goal of the Women’s History Museum is to make the contribution of women in our country more visible, more mainstream. She points out contributions of women can be found everywhere, yet women’s accomplishments are not prevalent in our nation’s history books or national monuments and parks.

The current proposal calls for a women’s museum adjacent to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Phillips also reports no federal money would be sought in the building of this museum. While there is a National Women’s Hall of Fame located in New York, a museum in our nation’s capital is ideal.

Too often, the contributions of minorities in general have been often overlooked in our nation’s history, and women are no exception. We think it’s appropriate to recognize women’s achievements in this way in the hopes that it will then make women’s role in history more prominent and well known by all. It’s our hope that the achievements of the past will inspire the women of the future.

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