Women make up 40 percent of breadwinners

Photo credit: Washington Post

According to a report released today by the Pew Research Center, women are the sole or primary breadwinners for about 40 percent of all households with children.  Female headed households are becoming more and more of a reality and traditional gender roles seem to be changing.

The report cites the recession as one possible cause for this shift.  Men, who have been hit harder with job losses during the recession, have been either forced into unemployment or taking lower paying jobs.  In 2011, 15 percent of married women earned more than their husbands.  Women also are becoming better educated and are earning more advanced degrees than men, meaning mothers are starting to have more education than fathers.

Another possible cause is the increasing number of single mothers, who account for 40 percent of new births.  The bread-winning role often is a burden for those women, though.  Single mothers tend to earn less, be younger, and have less education than married mothers.

Source: Washington Post

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