Below is a sample of some of the amazing comments and feedback NWHM has received.

To the NWHM Board: I just viewed your latest cyber-museum display "Women With a Deadline" and I'm writing to tell you what a great job you are doing of highlighting women in history even without a brick and mortar museum. Please keep up the good work. I know that someday you will have an actually building to call your own. I'm proud to be a member of NWHM.
-- Sherry R.

I enjoyed browsing your organizations cyber museum. It is truly a wonderful thing you've started, and it should get even more interesting in the coming years!
-- David D.

I am presently helping my daughter in researching a paper and have come across your wonderful web site! We are enjoying it very much.
-- Donna R.

This article "Women created Memorial Day" was wonderful and entirely different from what my understanding has been concerning Memorial Day.
-- Elizabeth H.

Thanks so much for letting me know about this site. I've been reading it for the last 2 hours. This site is truly awesome!!! It has an amazing amount of information including a biographies index, cyber-exhibits complete with lesson plans, tests, etc. It even has a Chronicles section where anyone can submit a write up about a great woman in their life to be published on the site. What a great way to find out about all the wonderful women in the world, even ones who aren't famous. I'm super, super impressed with this site! As a mother of 2 young daughters, I'm very glad to have this as a resource. I'm planning to go over the "Young and Brave: Girls Changing History" cyber exhibit with my 4 year old over the holidays! I donated and joined and I'm planning to donate memberships as birthday gifts this year. Thanks Heidi for directing me to such great site!
-- Anonymous Blog Comment

I'm a student at North Scott Junior High School in Eldridge, Iowa. A would just like to let whoever is responsible for the website on women in the progressive era. It is by far one of the most helpful sources I have come across in my research. The pictures were fantastic, the information was useful, and the site was easy to navigate. So thanks again! Whoever is in charge of this, keep up the good work.
-- Allie S.

I reviewed your website and it is fantastic!
-- Sharon L.

Earlier this year, I sent you an email requesting information you might have for me to put into my exhibit backboard for the National History Fair. I want to thank you for sending me sources for my project on Elizabeth Cady Stanton. I wanted to inform you on how I did: In January, I won first place in my school among the 8th grade. In March, I competed at the county level against all other schools in my county, I won first place in my county. This past weekend, I participated in the State of Florida Competition in Tallahassee, FL. Although I didn't place for the state competition to go on to the National Contest, I received a special Outstanding County award. It was a great experience for my first year in the program, and I'm proud of myself for excelling that far. Elizabeth Cady Stanton impacted me more than I thought she would. She truly educated me on the rights of women and among other life preparations. She taught me to be a more open individual and speak what needs to be said. She taught me heaps of knowledge you just can't find in a book. I'm glad that I chose her as my individual for this particular project. I want to thank you again for helping me and here are a few pictures of the exhibit backboard I created and the awards I received on my Elizabeth Cady Stanton project.
-- Madison Y.