Alexandra Nechita (1985-)

Alexandra Nechita

Alexandra Nechita was known as a child prodigy until her late teens because of her artistic cubist style of painting.  She began to paint at a very young age and was selling paintings for thousands of dollars by the time she was ten years old.  She was recognized by the media and the art community and was crowned the “petite Picasso” because her drawings resembled those of the famous deceased painter, Pablo Picasso.  Alexandra’s talent is mind boggling because she developed her style at a very young age and has embraced her gift in order to produce beautiful and interpretive paintings.  

Alexandra Nechita was born in communist Romania on August 27, 1985.  She and her mother, Viorica Nechita, lived in Vaslui.  Alexandra’s father, Niki Nechita, had escaped to the United States three months before Alexandra was born.  Two years later Alexandra and her mother joined Niki in the United States.  Her father took a great risk by leaving Romania and Alexandra is very grateful for his courage.  She has said, “My dad really made our dreams come true.  He is my hero because of what he’s done.”  Alexandra shows her admiration for her father in the painting, My Superman.  Alexandra loves the United States for the opportunities it has given her.  Her pride for this country is expressed in California

When Alexandra was two, she began drawing with pen and ink.  She drew intensely in coloring books, completely absorbed by her drawing.  She did not pay much attention to dolls or other children. Her parents concern for their daughter caused them to stop buying her coloring books.  When faced with this dilemma, Alexandra drew on her fingers and scrap paper.  Shortly after Alexandra’s quiet retaliation, Niki, her father, began buying Alexandra watercolors and another water based paint called gouache when she was three.  When Alexandra turned seven, she began to work with oil paints and acrylics.  Art supplies were often hard for the Nechitas to supply for Alexandra but they worked to make sure she could always paint, tracking down materials at close out sales and making what they could themselves. 

Alexandra’s first art exhibit at a community library came when she was just eight, on April 1, 1994.  Around sixty paintings were shown at the exhibit, which attracted many onlookers.  That same year a Picasso exhibit opened in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art that Alexandra went with her parents to see.  This was the first time that she saw this great artist’s work.  

When Alexandra began third grade, her parents enrolled her in formal art classes with Elmira Adamian at the Barnsdall Junior Art Center in Hollywood.  After examining Alexandra’s many works and distinctive style, Elmira convinced the Nechitas to allow her to develop her style independently, instead of providing Alexandra with rigid instruction.  Several more exhibits in the Los Angeles area allowed Alexandra’s work to be noticed by a CBS producer at the Mary Paxon Gallery in spring 1995. 

This led to Alexandra’s appearance on “CBS Sunday Morning.”  She began attracting the attention of art critics and the media who began telling the world about this child prodigy.  They bragged that this artist (who had just turned nine) could create paintings in an abstract cubist manner that could easily be compared to Picasso.  She was given many names such as the “petite Picasso” and the “Mozart with a paintbrush”.  By age ten Alexandra could produce accomplished canvasses with not only a central theme, but also a message.  She spreads the word of peace with many of her paintings such as Peace is in our Hands and Release the Peace.

In November 1999, Alexandra Nechita was chosen by the World Federation of the United Nations to lead a Global Arts Initiative involving more than one hundred nations worldwide. In 2005 Nechita unveiled a United Nations Peace Monument that she had created for Asia in Singapore. Alexandra was also enlisted to make a series of paintings entitled “Winning Together” for the Special Olympics. Alexandra is not only a child prodigy; she is also a charismatic young woman with an artistic personality and highly sophisticated manner. Alexandra Nechita has an incredible gift for painting and she uses it well. She is an amazing painter with the will to change the world.

Taken from Young and Brave: Girls Changing History

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