Daisy Elizabeth Adams Lampkin (1883-1965)


Daisy Elizabeth Adams Lampkin organized and fund raised throughout her life for woman and civil rights. In 1915 she was elected president of the Lucy Stone Woman Suffrage League, an organization of black Pittsburgh women, and through this position she became active in the National Association of Colored Women (NACW). As a national organizer and chairwoman for the NACW, Lampkin moved into other national organizations as vice chairwoman for the Colored Voter’s Division of the Republican National Committee, and regional field secretary for the NAACP.

Lampkin stressed the importance in organizing women’s groups by saying “nothing is done unless the women do it.” She remained as dedicated to her life in Pittsburgh, including her marriage and her involvement in local organizations, as she did to her work as field secretary and fundraiser for the NAACP. Lampkin was hailed as the organization’s top membership recruiter and fundraiser. To honor her tireless efforts, Lampkin was elected a national board member in 1947. Months before her death Lampkin became the first Eleanor Roosevelt-Mary McLeod Bethune World Citizenship Award recipient – a fitting way to honor a woman so dedicated to woman and civil rights.


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