Harriet “Hattie” F. Noble (1848-1930)

Harriet F. Noble was born in December of 1848 to Maria and Joseph Luckett in Columbus City, Iowa.  Her father was a gold prospector and saloon keeper, and she moved frequently as a child. For a time she lived with Bishop Thomas F. Scott in Portland to attend St. Helen's Hall, a prestigious school. In 1865, she moved back with her family to Idaho City, where she taught public school.


  In 1875, when she was 27, she married William B. Noble, who was twenty-five years her senior. In that same year she was elected Engrossment Clerk of the Legislature, a clerical position that nonetheless was based on personal popularity with legislators. After her husband became paralyzed in 1889, she took over the successful family business.


During this time, Hattie Noble also became active in the Democratic Party and won a seat in the Idaho House in 1898, the same year her husband died. She only served one term, but continued to be active in educational issues until her death on August 21, 1930.