Ask a Museum Educator

Bring a Museum Educator into your classroom and offer your students a glimpse into how museums bring history to life. The National Women’s History Museum is offering free 15 minute electronic field trips for 4th through 11th grade classes.

Black History Month: Standing Up for Change: African American Women and the Civil Rights Movement

In February, NWHM’s educator will discuss African American women’s fight for civil rights. From America’s earliest days, they resisted slavery. They protested against racism. They established networks to improve conditions for African Americans. They worked in politics and journalism, organized black labor, and supported education. In the 20th century, African American women formed the backbone of the modern Civil Rights Movement. African American women were the critical mass, the grassroots leaders challenging America to embrace justice and equality for all. Join us to explore the Civil Rights Movement through the perspectives of its women leaders.

Women's History Month: Breaking In: Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Then, in March women’s historic role in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) will be discussed. STEM skills have been identified as necessary to remain economically competitive as a country, and many have pointed out that all of society benefits when diverse teams tackle technological and scientific problems. Yet, women are persistently underrepresented in many STEM fields, where the disparity begins in classrooms. And, it has a historical basis. Women’s underrepresentation in STEM fields is rooted in the ways that women, their roles, and their abilities were thought about at the start of the Industrial Revolution. We will use documents, videos, and images to explore women who challenged the status quo to make an impact in STEM fields and who inspire today’s girls to do the same.