Women And The Revolutionary War Quiz - Answers

1.  Who planned one of the first Fourth of July celebrations? 

Answer:              B: Abigail Adams

Answer:            D:  $4,000,000

Answer:            C.  Robert Shurtliff

Answer:            True. 

Answer:            A:  Mercy Otis Warren.  The book, which Warren started writing as early as 1775, was entitled The Rise, Progress and Termination of the American Revolution.  It was over 1300 pages long and was published in 1805. 

Answer:            False.  The Edenton Tea Party was organized by women.  51 women signed a pledge to stop using Tea and other British imported goods. 

Answer:            D:  52

Answer:            D:  All of the above. 

9.  The Daughters of the Revolution found a document which lists 95 men and 19 women belonging Captain James Green’s company.  Many of the women appeared to be single and had no relation to any of the other soldiers. 
Answer:              True

Answer:            B:  Camp Followers