Woman Suffrage Quiz

Q. 1

What was the "most radical demand" made by women at the first women's rights convention in Seneca Falls, NY in 1848?

A. A call for education to be made available to all women.
B. A call for giving women separate legal status from their fathers or husbands.
C. Women getting the vote

Q. 2

The campaign for suffrage consisted of a small, dogged group of women.

True or False

Q. 3

Woman's domestic role was never mentioned in the suffrage campaign.

True or False


Women's special qualities identified during the suffrage campaign were:

A. Moral arbiters of society, keepers of cultural tradition and nurturers of children.

B. Pretty, soft and meek

C. Intellectually superior to men, courageous, and bold.


Q. 5

What were the suffrage campaign colors?

A. Red, white, and blue
B. White, purple and gold
C. Pink, white and yellow


Q. 6

What was the suffrage campaign flower?

A. Sunflower

B. Rose

C. Tulip


Q. 7

What allegorical figure was often used in the suffrage campaign?

A. Women of justice

B. Female figure representing love

C. Herald/angel


Q. 8

Who was the Patron Saint most widely used in the suffrage movement?

A. Mother Theresa

B. Hildegard of Bingen

C. Joan of Arc


Q. 9

Why were some suffragists jailed?

A. For picketing the White House

B. For parading without a license

C. For unlady-like behavior


Q. 10

Babies were used in suffrage campaigns because:

A. They were cute

B. Babies wanted the vote

C. Children were appealing and inoffensive


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