Women's History Quiz

American women have contributed to and shaped all aspects of American culture. See how many of the following 40 questions you can answer about the wonderful women in American history!

(Questions are listed in chronological order by the woman's birthdate)

Questions 1 - 10

1. Q. What woman became America’s first agriculturist and the creator of a profitable cash crop when she successfully hybridized indigo?

2. Q. Who was the first known American woman to advocate for women’s right to vote?

3. Q. Who helped guide and interpret for a group of explorers as they mapped routes to the Pacific Coast?

4. Q.  Who was responsible for making Thanksgiving a national holiday?

5. Q. Whose research on the horrible conditions of insane asylums is credited as the first piece of social research conducted in America?

6. Q. What New York Tribune employee became the nation’s first professional book reviewer, greatly influencing what the public read? 

7. Q.  Who started the tradition of historic preservation in the United States, leading to the creation of thousands of museums and historic sites across the country?

8. Q. While attending a temperance meeting, which two members formed a friendship and political alliance that would lead to the birth of the women’s rights movement?

9. Q.  What female ex-slave developed effective war and espionage strategies long before women served in the military?

10. Q. What Civil War nurse founded the American Red Cross?


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