Tribute to Marguerite Newburgh Cole


Marguerite Newburgh Cole


Orange City, Iowa


Whittier, California






Louis Newburgh


Louise Van Den Berg


Lyle William Cole


Joanne Marguerite Cole


Nellie May Wade, Ruth Adeline Schilling, Leona Marie Morris, Eugene Herbert Newburgh


Graduate, St. Paul High School, St. Paul, Minnesota (graduated top percentile in her class)




Central Market, South Central Los Angeles, California


Office Manager, Movie Theater, South Central Los Angeles; Manager, Apartment Complex, South Central Los Angeles


Staff Assistant for her father’s political ambitions as he was Councilman in St. Paul, Minnesota; Volunteer for fundraisers for Spastic Children’s League, Los Angeles, California; Volunteer for fundraisers and major functions for the East Whittier YMCA, Whittier, California


Family and friends; top-notch seamstress--loved to sew for family and needy in neighborhoods


Marguerite Ann Newburgh made suffrage and political history. Under the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution (woman suffrage), she was the first woman to vote in the United States in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota on August 27, 1920.


"I wasn't in the suffragette category, and politics never was my cup of tea."
--Marguerite Ann Newburgh Cole

She made suffrage and political history anyway, becoming the first woman to vote in the United States after the ratification of the 19th Amendment!

Marguerite was a very loving, family woman. A guiding light to her daughter, husband, and four grandchildren. A woman with class, charisma, sharp wit, and intelligence.