Tribute to Ruth Skelton


Ruth Skelton






James Sloan


Irene Peronto


Gwynn Edward Skelton


Gwynn Ann


James, William, Nancy, Shirley, Charles, Mary Louise


Graduated high school 1938; attended Syracuse University


Massachusetts Mutual Insurance Co.


League of Women Voters


Children, Family, Politics


When involved in the LWV in the early 1950's Ruth was active in local political issues but her major contributions have been in helping to develop the personalities of at least 3 generations of children both family and neighbors. She has been able to engage the minds of children and stretch their imaginations and interests while making them feel cherished and accepted. As adults, these "children" bring their children to Ruth for the same experiences. Although in an informal setting, Ruth has had the same impact on children that all great teachers have.


Ruth Skelton is a mother, aunt and neighbor who finds children completely fascinating and so she captivates them. Ruth's impact has been felt by 3 generations and all have been enriched by her.