Tribute to Sharon Rae Rasey


Sharon Rae Rasey


Ventura, California


Irish American




Ray Arthur Meade


Hazel Martha Barker


Charles Robert Rasey


Shirley Mae Meade Sandusky, Linda Lou Meade Lea


Steven Ray Rasey, Lisa Diane Rasey, Laura Kathleen Rasey


High School and some college


Construction Office Manager


R & H Paving


Democratic Party, League of Women Voters, Planned Parenthood, CURE, Emily's List, The Nature Conservancy, NPR Public Radio


Winterbourne Award Ventura College California 1996, 1997 Sculptor
Award 1998


Family, Politics, The Arts, Reading, Traveling, Music, Movies, Broadway Shows, Ceramics


Wonderful Mother, Wife, and Aunt


She raised two wonderful daughters who contribute in lots of ways, but additionally they always vote. She is a wonderful Matriach for our big family, and has always been available for loving, mentoring and/or a combination thereof.