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  • Shooting Shooting
  • Shooting Shooting
  • Crew on the set of the PSA Crew on the set of the PSA
  • Catherine Hardwicke and actresses Catherine Hardwicke and actresses
  • Alfre Woodward and Catherine Hardwicke Alfre Woodward and Catherine Hardwicke
  • Catherine Hardwicke giving direction Catherine Hardwicke giving direction

Quotes from the girls:

Katie (age 6, played Maya Lin) "I felt like a star during the filming. It was fun to be Maya Lin and to wear glasses and to dress up. I wish I could have dressed up in a pretty dress like my sister who was Anna Mae Wong."

Allyson (age 8, played Anna Mae Wong) "I think it was amazing how quickly the hair and make-up artists and stylist were able to pull everything together since Anna Mae Wong was added at the last minute. I was really happy to be a part of the video and to help raise money for the museum. It's important to teach other people about these women. I didn't know who Maya Lin was before this video. I didn't know she was only 21 years old when she designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. I didn't know who Anna Mae Wong was even though she was a very important actress."

“Our children had a wonderful experience with the crew on the video. We are not a "Hollywood" family so this our first (and probably only) filming experience and it was very positive. Everyone was really nice and so gracious. Thank you for the opportunity.” Mona (mother)

Shaya (played Estee Lauder) "1. I'm so glad that I got to be Estee Lauder because makeup and glitter are all my thing. 2. I learned that you don't have to be judged by men... you're your own judge. 3. I learned that women have only been able to vote for a hundred years... and now we are not only voting, but people are voting for us. 4. The woman that inspired me the most was Rosa Parks... not because she invented anything or started a big company, but because she showed that one person could make a difference."