de Pizan Honors



About the de Pizan Honors Gala

Hundreds of events honoring women take place in this country every year. They range from top-tier, highly publicized Galas, to recognition for contributions in vertical markets, to community based award events. However, when these events are over, the Honorees and their contributions are often forgotten.

Countless women have gone unrecognized. Their accomplishments have been unheralded, and subsequently their stories have been omitted from our nation’s history. A walk through any major history museum in this country will illustrate the point.

The Museum’s mission is to educate the public about the women who have significantly shaped our world; the National Women’s History Museum will honor history-makers to ensure that their legacy remains alive. Each year, NWHM will pay tribute posthumously to selected women with an award in their name presented to a contemporary counterpart.

The lives and contributions of the recipients of the de Pizan Honors will have a permanent presence, exhibited on the NWHM website at Also, our current plans include a permanent display in the future Museum on the de Pizan honorees. By showcasing women from the past, we build a foundation for future generations where there will be greater respect and esteem for the many contributions women have made in every facet of our society.