We are grateful to the many individuals and organizations for their wisdom and guidance, for identifying, locating, and producing images, for their creative expectations, and for their generosity of time and of funding. We are deeply grateful to the Organization of Chinese Americans for their enthusiasm and most practical support.

Inez Brooks-Myer, Oakland Museum
Alison Buchbinder
Pearl Carrey
Grace Chun, Chinese-American Museum of Chicago
Robin Doolin, Oakland Museum
Jeanie F. Jew, Organization of Chinese American Women
Jack Kim
Lorna Kirwan, Bancroft Library
Cynthia Lee, Museum of the Chinese Americas
Joellen Lippett
Stan Lou, Organization of Chinese Americans
Yue Ma, Museum of the Chinese Americas
Mary Morgani, California Historical Society
The late Peter Palmquist
Susan Snyder, Bancroft Library
Daniella Thompson, Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association
Stan Tsai
Ray Wang, Humboldt State University
Priscilla Wegers
George Wu, Organization of Chinese Americans
Connie Young Yu
Judy Yung

California Historical Society
Chinese-American Museum of Chicago
Chinese Historical Society of the Americas, San Francisco
City Museum of New York
Del Norte Historical Society
Humboldt County Historical Society, CA
Humboldt County Museum, CA
Miriam Library, California State University, Chico
Museum of the Chinese of the Americas, New York
National Archives and Records Administration
New York Public Library
Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers

Library of Congress
University of Delaware General Research Fund
UDEL Women's Studies Summer Faculty Research Award